Spare Parts Supply

Due to constant use, medical facilities tend to require repair of their medical devices, involving replacement of parts. However, we understand that getting the right spare parts and most importantly getting them on time has always been a major challenge for BEMS operators.

Having an integrated network with the leading parts suppliers around the globe, Navira Meditech can assist you in getting the right-fit parts on time. Either Original, OEM, Refurbished or Used parts, we can help you procure them accordingly.

Flexible Endoscope Repair

We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for all major brands of flexible endoscopes, ensuring that your equipment operates at its best and contributes to the delivery of superior patient care.

Our skilled technicians are dedicated to restoring your equipment to peak performance. Our dedicated repair facility is committed to providing swift turnaround times for endoscope repairs while upholding the highest standards of quality.

Breakdown Maintenance (BM)

Medical device breakdowns are not only common but also troublesome, especially after the warranty period ends. Given the high cost of new equipment, repairing existing devices becomes a more economically feasible option. However, on-site BEMS technicians encounter various challenges that hinder them from performing these tasks effectively. These challenges may include the unavailability of service manuals, lack of technical support from manufacturers or vendors, and workload exceeding their capabilities.

Navira Meditech is adept at addressing this issue. Our service technicians and engineers undergo constant training and are always prepared to tackle even the most complex forms of repair and maintenance, ensuring that your medical assets perform optimally.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

PPM is a scheduled maintenance framework necessary to ensure that all medical devices are safe to use and regularly serviced and maintained in order to prevent breakdowns.

Navira Meditech can undertake a comprehensive maintenance provision that is planned in advance either in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines or based on experience or other standards that may exist, ultimately to ensure equipment readiness and prevent potential breakdowns.


Calibration refers to the process of comparing an instrument's measurements against a known standard to determine the accuracy of the readings it produces. Adjustments or fixes are made to correct errors or deviations, and a detailed calibration report is generated indicating pre- and post-test measurements.

Navira Meditech can prepare and send your medical devices and instruments to be calibrated by MS ISO/ IEC 17025 accredited laboratories both locally and abroad. Our partnering laboratories are industry experts with highly specialized staffs and equipped with the most updated calibration capabilities.


Navigating the technical and regulatory aspects of the industry can be challenging. At Navira Meditech, we offer consultation services to assist you in understanding, complying with, or finding solutions for your industry-related challenges.

Our consultants are healthcare practitioners and industry specialists with extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. They are empowered with the expertise to address your needs effectively, ensuring that you receive tailored guidance and support to overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

Equipment Rental

Clinical satisfaction and patient care are paramount concerns in the healthcare industry. As medical device technology advances and the need for expanded capital arises, healthcare service providers must manage their funding efficiently. Given the high cost of new equipment, renting equipment can often be a more economically feasible option.

Navira Meditech offers medical equipment rentals to address your concerns during urgencies or budgetary limitations. By providing access to a wide range of medical equipment on a rental basis, we help healthcare facilities maintain optimal patient care while managing costs effectively.

User / Technical Training

Our training programs are tailored for healthcare professionals, including biomedical engineers, managers, executives, technicians, and clinical personnel, responsible for the smooth operation and maintenance of biomedical assets.

Navira Meditech offers user and technical training sessions to ensure that your personnel are well-trained and equipped with a solid understanding of biomedical equipment principles, applications, and maintenance procedures. Our training programs are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of your staff, empowering them to effectively operate, troubleshoot, and maintain biomedical equipment, ultimately contributing to the seamless functioning of your healthcare facility.