Dynamic NIBP Simulator

SC-5, SimCube® NIBP
(Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) Simulator

The full-featured SC-5 SimCube® NIBP Simulator provides ECG, Resp, Arrhythmias, Pacer Simulation, IBP, and more for accurate biomedical testing. The SimCube® simulates real-life oscillometric pulses by varying both the shape and size of the wave as cuff pressure changes. All SimCube® NIBP simulators feature one-button operation in a compact, 3-inch cube.

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SpO2 Simulator

OX-2, OxSim Flex® SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Simulator

Take control of all your simulations with the next-generation SpO2 pulse oximeter simulator, OxSim Flex. The world’s smallest SpO2 tester now provides complete flexibility in selecting saturation, pulse rate, and perfusion index. Users can create customized Preset Simulations for faster testing of oximeter performance and for alarm testing without having to change the monitor’s alarm settings! With Masimo Rainbow SET® compatibility and an OLED color display, the unit automatically detects the manufacturer of pulse oximetry. Weighs only 5 oz. and runs for 10 hours on a single AA battery.

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Multi-Parameter Simulator

SL-8, SimSlim® Multi-Parameter Patient Simulator

The smallest, comprehensive multi-parameter patient simulator on the market. Includes ECG, Respiration, Arrhythmia, 4-IBP, YSI 400/700 Temperature, and Cardiac Output. Its patented power circuitry provides amazing battery life up to 10 years without charging or changing batteries! One button operation reduces the time for setup and completing testing.

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Infusion Pump Analyzer

FT2, FlowTrax® FT-2 Infusion Pump Analyzer

The next-generation FlowTrax® IV Pump Analyzer provides the fastest test results of any analyzer with a market-best measurement sensitivity of 0.8 microliters. Test results are achieved in a remarkable 3 minutes or less within a 1% accuracy for any flow rate from 1 to 999ml /hr. The Quick Prime feature rapidly readies it for use with no re-priming required between tests. A field-serviceable fluid chamber — the only one of its kind on the market — eliminates expensive downtime and repair costs. FlowTrax® is compatible with any type of infusion device, syringe pumps, PCA pumps, ambulatory pumps, feeding pumps, and more.

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Electrical Safety Analyzer

ST-1, Safe-T Sim® Electrical Safety Analyzer

Introducing the world’s smallest automated electrical safety analyzer. Designed to perform electrical safety tests with the touch of one button. Advanced features improve the accuracy and efficiency in safety testing at half the cost of other larger automated electrical safety analyzers. User-defined tests with programmable Pass and Fail limits make this the most flexible portable analyzer available on the market today. Optional Bluetooth along with our app provide capability to control the Safe-T Sim® and generate a complete electronic test report right from your smart device!

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Patient Monitor

Patient Monitor Aurora Series

Aurora brings satisfaction and streamlines processes for healthcare practitioners in the industry. It is capable of tracking all five vital sign parameters (ECG, SPO2, RESP, NIBP and TEMP). Additionally, plug and play optional modules enables you to also monitor ETCO2 and IBPs. With a high-resolution colour TFT LCD monitor touch-screen, Aurora provides a comfortable experience, not forgetting its small and lightweight nature that makes it portable. It harnesses the use of the latest technology with wireless communication methods such as WiFi, 3G, and Bluetooth to meet practitioner’s needs.

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Antistatic ESD-Solution

Antistatic ESD-Solution’s products are manufactured in accordance with the ESD Standards IEC 61340 ANSI S2020. As a leading providers of ESD workspace and warehouse solutions, discover our full range of high-quality equipment, from furniture, workbenches, apparels, test equipment, and many more, ultimately designed, engineered and manufactured to protect your electronics from electrostatic discharge damages.

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